Game of Thrones Season 7: Travel to the Film Locations

Game of Thrones Season 7 is on. Here we travel to the filming locations of Game of Thrones. From Croatia to Morocco to Iceland, we have the Game of Thrones for you. Have you always wanted to stroll through the lush gardens of King's Landing? Or venture through the icy lands north of the Wall?

How about a beach picnic at the place where Daenerys married Khal Drogo? Or would you like to walk in the footsteps of Jon Snow? Then the following locations of Game of Thrones are right as a holiday destination! With our guide, you will find the most important locations from Malta to Spain.

Northern Ireland

GoT fans from the UK can be lucky! Large parts of Westeros lie in fact in the not so exotic and not so distant Northern Ireland. Winter may have left the Emerald Island, but Ireland has an average of 300 rainy and cloudy days each year.

The Kingsroad, also known as Ballymoney Dark Hedges is in Northern Ireland. If you want to walk in the footsteps of the Starks, explore the area around Downpatrick, in County Down.

In Ballymoney, you can find the Dark Hedges, which served as a backdrop for the iconic Kings Road. It was a good decision to make the Dark Hedges appear in the award-winning series. After all, they are one of the most photographed motifs in Ireland.

The Morne Mountains inspired CS Lewis to write The Chronicles of Narnia. Our last tip for Northern Ireland is the Cushendun Caves, in County Antrim.


We leave Ireland and set off in warmer climates and are now on Malta. Mdina, the former capital of Malta, was a successful shooting location for the city of the Iron Throne. The buildings on the Mediterranean island are close to each other.

As the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, Malta has also hosted the Iron Throne for a certain time.


For the Game of Thrones season 2, King's Landing relocated to Croatia, more to Dubrovnik and Lokrum.

Many other scenes in Qarth were on the nearby island of Lokrum. Enter at your own risk!

The Gradac Park in Dubrovnik served as a shooting location for the Purple Wedding. It was one of the largest settings from Game of Thrones Season 4. The large public park is near the old town of Dubrovnik. It is accessible via an old staircase, from which one gets a fantastic view of the city.


With its rough volcanoes and the forested landscape, Iceland is the right land for the epic of Ice and Fire. One of the annual events taking place here is the Iceland Marathon. The lake is with unusual volcanic rock formations called black castles.

While many scenes were here by the lake, one should also mention the Skaftafell National Park.


Let us return to a more pleasant environment. Morocco served as a primary set for the rice scenes of Daenerys in Game of Thrones Season 3. For Film Crew it was actually a return to a Game of Thrones location. Here was the King's Landing for the unpublished pilot sequence.

For this, the film crew went to the historic city of Aït Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Another location that does not seem to be from this world is the city of Essaouira. The city in West Morocco is also on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. In GoT, the filming location is the city of Astapor, including the Plaza of Pride and the Palace of the Good Masters.


Spain has been an important filming location for Game of Thrones since season 5. Seville in the south of Spain, for example, stood as a thorn in front of the camera. Almeria in Andalusia act as Vaes Dothrak, the capital of the Dothraki and home of Dosh Khaleen.

The Castell de Santa Florentina in Barcelona served as Horn Hill.


Doune Castle has already appeared in the first episode of Game of Thrones. It served as a backdrop for winter fur and is the only shooting location in Scotland.

From July 16, 2017, it is time again. For fans all over the world, the seventh season will begin with the fifth season. Who will rise to the Iron Throne From Westeros?

The fantasy romance series is by George RR Martin. George RR Martin has finished five of his seven-volume Fantasy epic, A Song of Ice and Fire. We narrate the reasons why the Game of Thrones 7 series will play an important role for fans as well as for HBO.

Winter is coming - this time!

The winter wonderland brings forth fearful and deadly creatures.

Game of Thrones 7 Spoiler Alert - The hints from the trailer

Game of Thrones is one of the greatest successes of TV history. At first, it did not look like it. After the first cut of the pilot sequence, there were massive concerns.

This is why fans are already delighted after watching the trailer of the new season. In fact, it includes a new clash between the White Walkers and Jon Snow.

The House of Lannister is still crisper and still in power. At last, Cersei, a mother of various throne owners, rose to be the queen. The fate of Daenerys will, of course, play a big part in season seven.
It is also unclear about Samwell Tarly, who arrived last in the citadel.

Game of Thrones and its importance for HBO

Game of Thrones is on the finish line. Of the 13 remaining episodes, 7 of them in the upcoming seventh season. Westeros will join against the threat of the White Walkers. Not only fans, but HBO also has to adjust that we are on the verge of the end of the epic fantasy saga. In any case, the fantasy series is one of the most influential formats of the past few years. HBO benefited from this.

In fact, the sought after replacement is not in sight.

Is the solution to HBO's mini-crisis there in a Game of Thrones spin-off?

It would then connect to the mother format with a spin-off. At least, the risk of a failure in these potential spin-offs seems to be lower than in new substances. HBO should resist the temptation. We will enter into the first episode of Game of Thrones 7, entitled Dragonstone. If the whole season holds the level of the opening sequence, we face great things.